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  • Consultant Agosto named Real Estate Fellow February 1, 2022
    Consultant Agosto was among the individuals in real estate recently named Fellow in Real Estate Management by the Philippine chapter of the Paris-based International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). The awardees were honored for their outstanding performance and contribution to the growth of the real estate industry. “The honorees were conferred ‘Fellow in Real Estate Management, […]
    Gus Agosto
  • Appraiser as an Expert Witness Abroad October 29, 2021
    Expert witnesses attend trials to provide specialist information to help the court make an informed decision. However, there are some difficulties that expert witnesses may face when presenting complex information to a court of law. Understanding the functions of appraisers as an expert witness is vital. Below are some of the tasks that expert witnesses […]
    Gus Agosto
  • Agosto Named as Expert Witness in Australia September 30, 2021
    All rise! Gus Agosto was recently appointed to act as an Expert Witness in a Family Court of Australia. The court and parties’ instruction is to conduct a valuation of properties in dispute as a part of marital settlement. They are adopting the standards set by the International Valuation Standards and the Philippine Valuation Standards […]
    Gus Agosto
  • On Housing Backlog July 7, 2021
    Gus Agosto
  • Value of the Appraisal Profession June 2, 2021
    In the recent episode of Ikonsulta mo kay Doc EG, Appraiser Consultant Gus Agosto was interviewed on the state and importance of the appraisal profession. Appraiser Gus provided a deeper look on government expropriations due to build, build, build program, and the initiatives provided by the Supreme Court to hasten the resolution of expropriation cases. […]
    Gus Agosto
  • Cebu-based Consulting firm reaches New Milestone January 16, 2021
    Cebu, Philippines – AA+ Appraisal & Consulting, the predecessor of AA RealtyPro Solutions,  a Cebu-based consulting firm, is pleased to announce that the firm completed serving its 300th client, which also marked the Php 25 Billion plus worth of properties appraised, in more than 70 cities and provinces. This accomplishment is indicative of  continued growth […]
    Gus Agosto
  • Manila realtors discusses highest and best use October 9, 2020
    The Manila Board of Realtors (MBR) in its Annual Membership Meeting invited Appraiser Consultant Gus Agosto to discuss the highest and best use analysis. It was designed to provide members a brief view on the concept and purpose of highest and best use in the appraisal and development process. The meeting was held on October […]
    Gus Agosto
  • Valuer in ASEAN July 28, 2020
    We should continue in knowing and understand the world, not only for our clients and country, but the most important for the next generation.
    Gus Agosto
  • Real Estate Market in “New Normal” July 23, 2020
    Prof. Gus Agosto, the Principal Property Valuer of AA+ Appraisal & Consultancy, conducted a webinar on the Philippine Real Estate Market and Trends. You can avail of FREE copy of the ppt and reports, just email at
    Gus Agosto
  • Drone can add value to Appraisal Practice June 14, 2020
    Property inspections plays a major part in the appraisal process. Inspecting roofs, aerial and panoramic views of the property and neighborhood is always a must have. Drones can help appraiser in making job easier. Drones can provide a video and high resolution photographs which is one of the many benefits of using drones in appraisal. […]
    Gus Agosto

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