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  • Appraiser As An Expert Witness October 29, 2021
    Expert witnesses attend trials to provide specialist information to help the court make an informed decision. However, there are some difficulties that expert witnesses may face when presenting complex information to a court of law. Understanding the functions of appraisers as an expert witness is vital. Below are some of the tasks that expert witnesses […]
    Gus Agosto
  • SC issues new guidelines on Expropriation cases May 18, 2021
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    Gus Agosto
  • Defining the Appraiser’s Role in Arbitration May 13, 2021
    Appraisers expanding their practices into the area of arbitration can expect to play one of two roles: arbitrators or expert witnesses. They are most often engaged in arbitrations addressing rent re-sets required by ground leases, large space leases and net leases on whole properties. They can be retained as valuation experts, or they can be […]
    Gus Agosto
  • What’s wrong with the road right of way February 21, 2021
    The following report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer will show the implementation of the law on expropriation and just compensation.
    Gus Agosto
  • Notes on Real Property Laws in the Philippines April 13, 2020
    Prof. Augusto B. Agosto Cebu City   Introduction Land is an important source of wealth of nation. Everything that we use can be traced ultimately to land. In economics, land is one of the factor of production. Land serve also as a commodity, it can be bought or sold. Due to its value there are […]
    Gus Agosto
  • Notes on Real Property Taxation and Government Appraisal April 7, 2020
    On Capital Gains Tax, Documentary Stamp Tax, Estate Tax, Donor’s Tax, and how these taxes relate to land valuation Capital gains tax is the ordinary tax if one is engaged in real estate, particularly in the transfer of title. In a nutshell, it is under the National Internal Revenue Code Provisions, Section 39, which deals on […]
    Gus Agosto
  • On the 4th State of the Nation Address August 19, 2019
    By: Augusto B. Agosto   State of the Nation Address or SONA is an annual event wherein the achievements, policies and programs of the president are discussed. The last SONA is no different from the past. The President highlighted the campaign program on illegal drugs, corruption and proposed a resolution by reinstating the death penalty. […]
    Gus Agosto
  • Where is the Philippines in the real estate cycle? August 12, 2019
    One of the concise definition of the real estate cycle is offered by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in its 1994 publication on Understanding the Property Cycle: ‘‘Property cycles are recurrent but irregular fluctuations in the rate of all-property total return, which are also apparent in many other indicators of property activity, but with […]
    Gus Agosto
  • Contemplating on “Thinking like an economist” August 30, 2018
    After my travel abroad, I have to get back on track in academic life. I have to catch up with the course I am handling, especially Microeconomics. Discussing with the students the idea of “thinking like an economist” is, in principle, a good one. Mankiw, the author of the reference book, open their eyes and […]
    Gus Agosto
  • PSA reports 252.6-percent increase in residential condo value August 1, 2018
    The total value of residential condominium construction surge high to 252.6-percent in the first quarter of 2018, based on the data obtained from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Preliminary data from approved building permits in the first quarter showed the number of residential condominiums constructed increases 109.5 percent. This led to a growth of 32.8 […]
    Gus Agosto

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