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  • Valuation Expert Distinguishes Roles of Expert Witnesses and Court Commissioners April 23, 2024
    In a recent hearing at the Cebu City Regional Trial Court, Valuation Expert Gus Agosto helped in shedding light on the distinct roles of expert witnesses and court commissioners, providing valuable insights into their functions within the expropriation proceeding. During the proceedings, Expropriation Expert manifested to the court, emphasizing the critical differences between expert witnesses […]
    AB Agosto
  • AB Agosto was named to the Environmental Impact Assessment Review Committee February 25, 2024
    In a significant development, Gus Agosto has been listed as a member of the newly established Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Review Committee in Region 7. The EIA process, aimed at foreseeing the environmental impact of a development, involves the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). This document, submitted by the project proponent or EIA […]
    AB Agosto
  • AA Consultants Expands Reach with Strategic Housing and Infras Development Engagements February 9, 2024
    AA+ Appraisal & Consultancy proudly announces the completion of its real estate consulting in Dipolog City and Batangas. The consultancy firm has been commissioned to conduct comprehensive studies on projects in Cebu, Dipolog City, Bohol, Leyte, Lapulapu City, and Batangas, demonstrating a proactive approach to addressing various challenges within the real estate sector. A significant […]
    AB Agosto
  • AB Agosto Renews Membership in the Prestigious Philippine Economic Society (PES) January 29, 2024
    At the forefront of the economic landscape in the Philippines, AB Agosto recently renewed his membership in the esteemed Philippine Economic Society (PES). As the country’s largest network of economists, PES holds a pivotal role in bringing together professionals from academia, government, and the business sector. Established in 1962, PES has become a cornerstone in […]
    AB Agosto
  • ABA Economic Consulting Set to Redefine the Consulting Practice in VisMin Regions January 21, 2024
    In a strategic leap towards enhancing its service spectrum in the VisMin (Visayas and Mindanao) region, ABA Economics Consulting is poised to reshape the consulting paradigm. The unveiling of a pioneering Economics consulting practice marks a transformative milestone for the firm, with AB Agosto, a seasoned economist, steering this groundbreaking initiative. Agosto’s wealth of expertise, […]
    AB Agosto
  • RBH No. 6’s Impact on Philippine Urban Economics January 18, 2024
    As an urban economist scrutinizing the proposed Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) No. 6 in the Philippines, which aims to amend economic provisions, particularly in foreign ownership restrictions, my analysis delves into the intricate interplay between policy shifts, land dynamics, and the urban economic landscape. RBH No. 6 seeks to introduce a clause, “unless provided […]
    AB Agosto
  • Protected: AB Agosto, MAEcon January 17, 2024
    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
    AB Agosto
  • Assessing the Complexities and Implications of Proposed Property Tax Reforms in Cebu City November 21, 2023
    Download a copy of the proposed ordinance. Here is a link:
    AB Agosto
  • Understanding Inverse Condemnation October 26, 2023
    If you own a property, it is essential to be aware of your rights when the government takes your land for public use. While eminent domain, the power of the government to take private property, is a well-known concept, its counterpart, inverse condemnation, often remains in the shadows. In this article, we will explore what […]
    AB Agosto
  • The Driving Forces Behind Reclamation Projects September 20, 2023
    Manila Bay Reclamation, part 2 As an urban planner deeply immersed in the intricacies of urban development, I find myself engaged in a profound contemplation of the complex issue of reclamation. In the first part of this discourse, we delved into the critical context of sustainability, contrasting the merits of compact urbanization and regionalization against […]
    AB Agosto

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